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.Blacksmith Metal was founded in 1995,located in Taichung Wu-RiTownship major equipment was 1.3 tons of Air Power Drop Hammer. 
.Today , we have 3,600 Sqm2land area in Taiwan, and 2,000 Sqm2 factory building. Three Air Power Drop Hammer and High Frequency Furnace.
.Currently we have 40 employees and 25% technical staffs.
.Three production lines with an annual capacity of 3,500 tons, the output value target 5 million US dollars.
.In 2015 Ta-Li plant output of 2,000 tons, the output value was 3 million US dollars.
.The company has passed IATF16949 International Certification.
.China factory founded in 2003, located in Fujian province.
.Taiwan and China factory totally have 9 production lines to offer, production capacity 9,500 tons in total.
.Main products : automobiles , ATVs , hardware tools , auto parts, auto accessories and diverse forging commodity .
.Manufactured forging products according to customer demand.

Engineering capabilities

  • Product Design
  • Mold
  • Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining

Company profile

  • 1995年 /Founded in Taichung Wu-RiTownship
  • 1998年 /Relocated in Taichung Ta-Li Industry Park
  • 2001年 /ISO9001 International Certification approved
  • 2008年 /Full production lines use high-frequency furnace
  • 2011年 /Land purchased in Taiwan Dou-Liu
  • 2014年 /New plant construction in Dou-Liu
  • 2015年 /Decembernew plant in Dou-Liu started to product
  • 2016年 /March Third production line start production

Major Equipments

Air Power Drop Hammer1.3 1.3 TON
2.0 TON
2 set
1 set
Air Compressor 100HP 5 set
Electric Furnace 500kw
2 set
1 set
Shot Blaster   1 set
Roller 12”
3 set
Presses   10 set
Cutting Machine   1 set